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Reiki case histories and testimonials are being documented for reference and publication. If you have this important information to contribute, please send us an E-mail.


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Reiki Heals the Impossible

I learned about Reiki from my wife Jenna who became a First Degree Practitioner and treated me, and I was hooked. I had never felt so relaxed and at peace. Several months later I became a First Degree Reiki Practitioner graduating to Second Degree shortly thereafter all the while I was doing several series of treatments with Reiki Master Shalandra and performing self treatments. The healing that I was blessed to receive was nothing short of extraordinary.

In less than 5 months of treatments my body was virtually healed of all seasonal allergies that I have lived with my whole life. Being able to breathe again when you gasp for air 3 months out of the year for close to 40 years : Priceless.

In addition I have suffered from severe episodes of low back pain for 20 years with a compression fracture and several herniated discs, and I feel like I am very close to putting that behind me for life as well. I've had 2 minor episodes in 5 months when I've been accustomed to a major episode almost every month for 5 years.

Next my wrist. A chronic injury to my right wrist had threatened my career as a Chiropractor to the point of having to quit for over 2 years due to disability. Well I'll tell you that my wrist is even better than my low back. And for the 1st time in my career I have no fear of disability. Plus, because of this healing, Reiki has saved my golf game.

Lastly and most importantly I truly believe that Reiki had saved my marriage. My wife and I came to a new level of understanding, peace, and love that I could not see developing at all without "Our Reiki."

Bless you Reiki you have truly been a gift from the divine!

Dr. Anthony Jayswal — Owner of Healing Hands Chiropractic Of Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii


Reiki Class Brings Major Life Shift

The entire Reiki class was truly an experience. Reiki is a unique way to connect with people you've never met, on a universal energy level. During my self-treatment in class, I felt blocks of energy dispersing down my right leg, like mini explosions in very specific spots. During the first initiation, I felt one of those mini explosions on the right side of my frontal lobe (head), which is where I get one of my headaches. I have had sinus problems for years and they are now clearing up due to the new sinus drainage. My ears have cleared out, also. After receiving Reiki for an hour on the Reiki table in class, I felt shots of energy shoot down my arms like nerve pain, but the shooting was not painful.

My body is detoxing, physically and emotionally. Things have come up for me that I have not dealt with in years, and with the intensity of it all, I am still healing more while I do my self-treatments. Rapid changes are happening and I 'just go with it.' ALSO...I have been falling asleep with my hand on my head, accessing dreams and memories from my childhood I did not know were there. Dreams have been vivid, unlocking and healing subconscious memories.

It has been 14 years that I have subconsciously and habitually been grinding my teeth... I still do it, but not nearly as much, and I am down to two cigarettes a day. I have never been able to cut down on grinding my teeth as I have now. It was so bad my jaw sometimes wouldn't move due to stress and past triggers. I cannot thank you enough for showing me this incredible gift.

I am going to get a journal to start recording these newly found discoveries and answers that have been blocked energy for me for years. Again, thank you, so much Shalandra. The Reiki class was 100 percent worth it and I feel the beginning of a long, healthy, shift in my life.

Trevor — Maui, Hawaii


Reiki Takes the Itch Out of Mosquito Bites

Monday night before our Reiki Circle, you may remember, I was bitten a few times by a mosquito (or 10). I have always been a magnet for them and as a child, during the summers, would be covered with scabs and scars from bites I couldn't stop itching. Monday night, as I was scratching away Lula said, "Why don't we try Reiki?" She placed her hand on my arm for a few minutes until the group was called together. In a few moments the itching was GONE and didn't come back. As I drove home that night I was thinking, "Why didn't the thought of doing Reiki on myself come to me a naturally as it had to Lula?" I don't expect that to be the case ever again. Normally, bites ebb and flow with me and days later I could still be having a reaction but not this time! I still have small welts but they aren't the angry red ones that I would have had before Reiki. I have yet to build the "mosquito bubble" around myself; it will come. In the meantime, I've been very successful with applying Reiki to myself to stop the itch.

I look forward to taking the Second Degree class with you.

Linda — Powhatan, Virginia


Reiki for Infected Wound

Nancy gave me Reiki three 3 or 4 times for a big wound on my leg. The doctor thought he would have to send me to the wound clinic but gave me a week to decide. When I came back he was away but the nurse practitioner he had chosen to make the decision put a needle in to draw out some of the infection but got nothing and said she was surprised as she had seen the swelling and redness the week before.

I just soaked it in warm soapy water for an hour every day and gave it more Reiki. I feel very blessed.

Sally — Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


Reiki Heals and Brings Inner Peace

After so many childhood tragedies and disappointing events, I was in constant search of the right counseling, massage, workout, class, book after book, church, vitamin, relationship, whatever to find inner peace and contentment. I felt like I finally "had" it when I was baptized for the 1st time. But that bliss and euphoric peace only lasted 5 days, and then my youngest son was in a tragic motorcycle accident (and even more horrific 2 month hospital stay) just 2 days after his 18th birthday. He was in a coma, had a traumatic brain injury and was unable to walk, talk or eat. He couldn't even push his call button if he needed help. He was full of hardware to fix his broken bones. I quit my paralegal job and brought him home to strive for his optimal health. I juiced fresh live food for him and kept his environment positive and cheerful. I poured all I had into him but forgot all about taking care of myself (well, and honestly just didn't know how - he needed so much time and energy, and I was his sole caregiver.) He has made a "miraculous" recovery and I have no regrets!

However, at the end of those 2 years, I was so far away from "bliss" that I had no idea how to get it back. I had daily headaches that I curbed with Excedrin. I was exhausted to my core, melancholy, and extremely depressed. I found comfort in drinking but only for a couple hours - and felt worse in the morning. I was unmotivated to exercise and had gained weight to the point that my kids were disappointed in me (but I didn't care). I was terribly broken-hearted over what happened to my son (coupled with guilt for not being grateful for his miraculous progress). His accident seemed like a cruel joke in my life (icing on the cake so to speak) and I started to feel suicidal (although this is the 1st time I've admitted that).

Since my 1st of many visits to Maui since 1985, I have found it to be a healing and rejuvenating place - so I booked my ticket, fortunate enough to have a girlfriend there with an extra room for me. I did nothing but rest and sleep for about a week. I then found Johanna's flyer and called for a massage. But for some reason I told her how I was feeling and she graciously recommended Shalandra Abbey for Reiki. Huh?! What's THAT?! With John Mellancamp song playing in my head for the past month about my energy going wrong, as well as a new friend telling me I needed "energy work" I called her. Hearing my voice she recommended a series of 4 treatments, 4 days in a row. She was so right. One treatment would NOT have done the work! However, after the 1st treatment, I wasn't so sure about going back. It brought up so many deep emotions that I felt like I couldn't breathe and my head may explode in a ball of fire. I sobbed. But I stayed - and went back for more! I slept through the other treatments, which were peaceful and relaxing. I also slept so well at night after these treatments - better than I remember EVER sleeping in my life before.

Shalandra recommended learning Reiki for self-treatments and also to work with my son when I got home. What a wonderful blessing and experience! I started self-treatments a few days ago and already I know my life is forever changed for the better. I feel so calm and peaceful. I woke up with a headache this morning and felt a head cold coming on (those planes!) but was able to Reiki through the headache and not grab Excedrin. In fact, I haven't had any since about day 2 of Shalandra's treatments. A major source of the headaches came from an area in my neck that was constantly stiff/swollen and painful - but that is no longer swollen and only has minimal stiffness. I have no doubt that will completely clear up in time and further self treatments. In addition, my eyes would burn and water off and on for the past few months, but that has completely cleared up. I feel inspired to walk, start yoga, and be my best. I have a new appetite which doesn't want to indulge in things that may dull my new-found senses. I noticed today while driving that I feel like I have new eyes...colors and images are sharper, clearer. I am in awe of things, like seeing them for the 1st time. It's strange yet wonderful. I am moving much slower, more graceful is how I feel. I also saw an old man in a wheelchair without legs whistling today. He struck me so deep and made me smile the feeling of "all is right in the world" was in his whistle. And that is exactly how I feel.

My 1st "client" was our dog, Sadie, who was hit by a car recently and hurt her leg. She was moving around okay when I got home but I did the treatments on her anyway. I could feel the heat in her injured leg. She seemed like she was in a trance and now follows me everywhere wanting more! I also did a mini-treatment on my middle son who fell asleep sitting up by position 4!

I will be returning to Maui for Second Degree Training with Shalandra. I feel so blessed with this gift that I want to share it with others and also continue on this peaceful path. Shalandra is inspiring!

Rhonda M. Johnson — Bellingham, Washington


Helps Back and Makes Husband a Believer

My story began with taking Reiki training from Shalandra over two years ago. I had a severe and painful back problem and hobbled into class barely able to walk. After doing Reiki self-treatments I began to walk normally again and the pain left. When I had surgery I healed amazingly well. But this is not about me, it is about my husband George who is finding it hard to believe about Reiki and how it works, but he has benefited from others sending him Reiki and my working with him.

He has had back problems for about 40 years and as men do has not gone to doctors or taken any precautions about helping himself. Well three years ago George had back surgery and it did not help, I asked him over and over if he would like Reiki and he said he did not believe it would help, well with his permission a Reiki sister and I worked on him and it started to help, but he still did not believe, well last year I started to do Reiki on him while he slept. I would lay my hands on him each night, some relief was there but finally after months he agreed to have surgery again this time with my surgeons.

Before he went into the hospital, two Reiki sisters and myself started to send him Reiki and I would do my Reiki at night with him. He went into surgery for six hours all the while we sent Reiki, he came out of surgery and got up that afternoon and went home the next day. The work the surgeons did on him was very extensive, they were amazed at how fast he recovered, we told them it was the Reiki and I truly believe it was. Is he a believer now, well the other day he hurt his hand and I did Reiki on it and it was as good as new. I think he is starting to believe that Reiki does work.

Sharon Horetski — Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


No More Jet-Lag or Vertigo Plus Golf Game Improves

Thank you again so much! We just returned home from Hawaii and your training last night late - as a matter of fact the rest of the family are all still asleep. The fact that I am awake and with energy and without jet-lag this morning is a first for me ever.

Also, I usually suffer vertigo and ear pain on even short air-flights and we made a day trip to island of Hawaii and I used self Reiki and a supreme flight without the pain or vertigo and then I did Reiki on way home and again - voila - I feel very good indeed.

And, I have never been so great at Putt- Putt Golf and we play the Glow Putt-Putt Golf on Maui and I lose every year - ALL beat my score - well I told them I was going to Reiki my putt-putt ball - not only did I get the FIRST hole in one. I got the MOST hole-in-ones and scored the BEST - by the last few holes I was being asked by all 3 of my sons to Reiki their putt-putt balls, too - even my 18 yr. old who was the last hold out asked me to Reiki his and he was excited to make the last hole in one and win the FREE ice cream!!! Just thought you would enjoy hearing about all of this - I am most delighted and I think Reiki has been a true Godsend to both my husband and me. We look forward to incorporating it into our medical spa and will keep you posted.

Again, I can't tell you enough how grateful that I am to you for offering us this opportunity. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future for second degree Reiki Training. Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

Most Sincerely,

Amy J. Holland M.D. — Marietta, Georgia


She Loves Reiki and How It Heals and Transforms Lives

I love Reiki! It is helping me deal with a multitude of stresses at work and at home. My dog is healing incredibly well, and I am trading Reiki for all kinds of favors with family members. The trade off is well worth it. We all benefit.

I am doing Reiki self-treatments every morning and every evening as well as at least one mini or full treatment on someone else daily. I am very impressed with your teaching and can understand how Reiki has transformed yours as well as other's lives! You have such a kind, warm, loving spirit.

Judy Seal — Long Beach, California


Pets Recover from Poison

I am an animal lover so my pets are like children to me. One night I walked into our kitchen and saw a chewed up package of "Mouse KILL" on the floor. With my heart pounding I picked it up. My dog Bella is a very mischievous fox terrier especially with our new six-month-old puppy, Tilly, her sidekick around. We checked the dog's teeth and sure enough they had eaten almost two whole boxes. One dose (about 3/4 of a box) is deadly. We spent about four hours trying to help them - we had called poison control and the outlook for this type of poisoning was very bleak. At midnight we brought them both to the emergency vet. Tilly was almost unconscious. The vet was afraid they would not make it throughout the night. They stayed at the hospital that night, and by the next morning they had not improved much, both were on IV's.

We had heard about Reiki from friends of ours, so we called Shalandra praying she could help our dogs. After the first session (a distant Reiki treatment) while they were still at the vets we saw significant improvement. Tilly began to eat on her own and their bodies expelled more of the poison. On the third day they were allowed to come home, but Bella was completely non-responsive and would not eat or drink. Shortly after she had gotten another distant Reiki treatment, she jumped up and greeted me when I came home and even ate on her own. Tilly had an amazing recovery with a couple more Reiki treatments. The vet had never treated and had an animal live from this type of poison. We also had the animal poison control people document our dogs because they had not had animals live through this type of poisoning. Reiki saved our dogs lives. They made a full recovery and every day my family and I are thankful to have them here with us.

Since this time four members of our family have taken Reiki training from Shalandra and use it faithfully on ourselves and others.

The Pensinger Family — Kauai, Hawaii


Number One Closer Now

I have been in sales for a long time now. I am a sales executive for a highly competitive company. Feeling I needed energy, physical and mental, I called Shalandra for an appointment so she could send me Reiki's healing energy.

The result has been an extremely successful year. I went from middle of the road to number one closer. I had three months when my income was way over $30,000 per month.

After that I was not selling as much. I ordered more Reiki treatments again and I sold a TRIPLE Down. Three people bought from me in one day!

I am very grateful for the Reiki energy. It is marvelous and it is a great way to remember that sales is about energy, about exchanging and giving them your best, and the benefit of a great product that is going to bring love, joy and fun to THEIR lives.

Joanna — Kauai, Hawaii

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